Apk-signer vs ZipSigner, which is better ? | Detailed comparison

Apk-signer and ZipSigner are the most popular android apps that are used to sign apk files with your Android device. They assist when it comes to signing applications made with Sketchware because, Sketchware do not give us an ability to create special signing keys. Hello everyone, I’m Brian and today, I am going to do a short comparison between Apk-signer and Zipsigner.

NOTE: This comparison/review is 100% based on the experience I got while using both Apps.


   The both Apps have a simple UI and they are both very easy to use.
Apk-signer was released in July 29, 2014 by a developer named Hai Bison in the Google Play Store. Since then, the App has managed to earn 100k+ installs in the Play Store. This app also comes with great themes are very pleasant to the eyes.
Apk-signer review
 On the other hand, ZipSigner was made by Ken Ellinwood years back (can’t remember the exact date) and at that time, the App was available in the Google Play Store but due to unknown reasons, it left. Ken Ellinwood, the developer of Zipsigner, also made ZipSigner an open-source project on GitHub.



APK signer

Apk-signer has Ads placed in it by the developer but if you pay a one time subscription fee of $3, the Ads will be Automatically disabled in your device.


  ZipSigner on the other hand, contains zero Ads and it is also free for everybody.




  • Very good at signing applications
  • You can create unlimited numbers of keys
  • It keeps a very good record of your signed applications
  • Easy to use
  • It supports BouncyCastle, PKCS12 and BKS.


  • The App can be not be useful until you pay the one time subscription fee.
  • Keys can not be easily exported.
  • External keys can not be imported
  • As your keys can not be exported, once you lose the app, you lose the keys



  • It is completely free with no Ads
  • You can import your old keys
  • Your created keys are stored in your device, making it easy for your to backup and restore.
  • It supports both jks and bks.
    You can create unlimited keystores with it.


  • No cons yet!


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