Apple released the third beta version of iOS 15. Do you know these changes?

Apple released the third beta version update of iOS 15, which also means that iOS 15 is updated to prepare for the new iPhone. Of course, old phones can also experience new features.

The iOS 15 Beta 3’s system version number is 19A5297e. This year’s i OS 15 system details have changed a lot. Some of the new Apple’s own devices have been integrated, such as Apple’s recently launched Magsafe wireless battery, but in the end changes in the number of new features, still need to wait for full optimization’ve updated the launch of the official version of the i OS 15, this fruit powder is quite looking forward to it?

There are not many changes on the iOS 15 Beta 3 system at present, but only the changes in the Safari address bar. When you enter a URL, the address bar will stay above the keyboard, making the operation experience more consistent, and the long address bar can be reloaded Operations such as web pages are quite convenient. Of course, the interface adjustments have also been made on the new test system. The focus status and phone calls will be moved to each focus option. The music component has also been updated, which can be adjusted according to the background. Color play song.

In general, this update of the iOS system is more of a change in details. There are not many other aspects for the time being. Of course, friends who want to experience early can also choose to upgrade. After all, the feeling of the new system is different, although the current IOS 15 is still in the beta version, it is inevitable that some problems will occur, but for the iOS system team, the bugs encountered can be resolved quickly, which is enough.

  For the Apple i the third beta version of the updated OS 15 changes , how do you see it?