Apple’s car project team added a strong general? The person in charge of Apple Watch has been transferred

According to foreign media reports, the news of Apple’s development of self-driving electric vehicles has been reported in 2016. Apple has also invested a lot of manpower and material resources for self-driving projects. It is reported that mass production will start in 2024, but overall Apple’s car project is not progressing smoothly. The personnel and responsible persons have been adjusted many times. The road test mileage of Apple’s self-driving cars has also been greatly reduced in 2019, which is not as good as 2018. 10%.

In January of this year, foreign media quoted sources who reported that Apple adjusted the leadership of the autonomous driving project codenamed “Titan” in December last year, due to the re-emergence of the former senior vice president of hardware engineering at Apple in 2016 in charge of this project. Bob Mansfield (Bob Mansfield) retired, this team has been placed under the machine learning and artificial intelligence department, led by senior vice president of machine learning and artificial intelligence strategy John Giannandrea (John Giannandrea).

Although important personnel have left, new personnel have continued to join the Apple car project team. The latest foreign media reports show that Apple’s vice president of technology for Apple Watch and health projects, Kevin Lynch, has been Transferred to the automotive project team.

In the report, the foreign media did not disclose the specific work of Kevin Lynch on the automotive project team, but the foreign media mentioned that he will leave the health project team, which has appointed a new person in charge. However, foreign media also mentioned in the report that although he has been transferred to the automotive project team, Kevin Lynch may still be involved in Apple Watch and health projects to a certain extent.

Foreign media also mentioned in the report that Kevin Lynch is one of Apple executives who have appeared more frequently in recent years. He has appeared on stage many times at Apple hardware product launches and global developer conferences