15+ Highly Recommended Apps that can help you while developing Android Apps with Sketchware


This is the list of tools of I personally use daily to develop app and I recommend you all to download them and try all of them out. With all this apps, Sketchware Android App development becomes easier. Incase you are new to my blog, welcome and you can first get Sketchware official application through this link and also check my previous posts to check some tutorials that would be a lot useful to you.

Now let’s look at the list of recommended Apps for Android app development in Sketchware.

1. Sketchub

Sketchub was one of the first support app for Sketchware developers. This app covers s alot of functions like :

  • Backing Up and restore Sketchware Projects
  • Uploading and downloading Projects
  • Cloning projects

This app is only available at the official site; https://sketchub.in.


2.  PlaySketch

Sketchware normally has a server limit of how long your shared project can stay, so within a few days, you’re shared project will be automatically deleted. And that’s when PlaySketch comes into the rescue.
PlaySketch helps you share projects that can stay very long. They sacrifice their servers and cloud storage to Sketchware Developers. PlaySketch also serves as a Sketchware Project store where you can buy and also sell your Sketchware projects.


3. SketchLib+


  • Upload and download Projects
  •  Copy Java codes & moreblock



4.  XML Editor pro

This is one of my favorites. XML editor pro is an app that gives the chance to edit the direct source code of your Sketchware Project. With this tool, you can add a new class/service to your app and you can also add codes to your project’s AndroidManifest.


5. Sketch Store

Download free Java codes, moreblocks and fonts for your Sketchware projects. And this app is also a Sketchware project manager so you can easily inject the codes and fonts you download without having to do anything in Sketchware.


6. SuperSketch

Just like SketchStore, SuperSketch offer the same features so I put it here for comparison purposes. You can try north of them and choose the one which you think is best for you.


7. Sketch Overflow

An interactive community for Sketchware developers. Just like the well-known StackOverflow, Sketch Overflow is a place for Questions and answers, are you facing any issues ? just download it and tell the community your problem and you’ll get recommended solutions. And you can also contribute by sharing your knowledge.


9. Sketch Manager

Easily get java codes and moreblocks for Sketchware. If a code is not available, you can submit a request in the app and it will be added as sooj as possible


10. Iskit

Use Iskit to add custom permission to your Android app. It is also used to add Deeplinks and intent filters to Sketchware projects. Try it now by downloading it below


12. AndroidX Code convertor

This is also a highly recommended, use Android X code to convert Android support codes to AndroidX


13. Zipsigner

So many people have faced issues updating their apps ‘that were signed by Sketchware itself: in the Google Play and that could be a lack of proper key signing. But with Zipsigner, you can overcome that problem.
Zipsigner has been around for a long time now and it is an an app with premium features but was made free by the developer.
What are the features of Zipsigner?
Zipsigner has a lot of cool features

  • Creating your own key and certificate for signing apks
  • Ability to export your key; so you can back it up anywhere and you can also use it in signing your App in Android Studio.
  • Create unlimited keys
  • It has its own default keys for testing..
  • No ads


14. SH Recovery

SH Recovery offers a free back up and restore service. The app is mostly popular for the amazing UI made by the developer and also for the fact it was made with Sketchware.
And this is only known app that  makes it easy to also back up your moreblocks and your block collection


15. Extra Libs

Add extra library to your Sketchware project.
This tools can help you inject any external library into your project.


16. SketchColors

Get free color from SketchColors, you can also use it to create beautiful and amazing background resources


17. Flixcode

– Download free Projects & collections  and also  share your knowledge.

So now you know what I use daily to develop apps, just try installing them in your devices and watch how smooth App development would be for you now.
Also don’t forget to leave a review about any of the apps you choose to download in the comment section, it’ll really help improve them as your reviews will be sent to the developers.
So just comment below and share this with your friends, thanks for reading 😀



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