How can I delete a Starz Account on my iPhone | An Easy Guide


Have you finally decided on discontinuing with Starz and moving to another streaming? What you have to do is get rid of your current account and free up your iPhone storage for another application. Doing this might sound easy but do you really know how to?

Deleting your Starz from your iOS device is not as simple as removing other applications and it can only be done by reaching out to the Starz support team. In summary, you just have to send them an email asking that they get rid of the account from the database. Follow this guide and know to easily end your Starz relationship!

Easy steps to Delete A Starz Account On your iPhone

  1. Log in to the email account you used to subscribe to the site or application.
  2. Enter their email address –
  3. Use “Account deletion request” as your subject.
  4. Compose the email to request for deletion of your Starz account and add any associated info.
  5. Remember to add your name, email account, and phone number at the end of the email.

Once that is done, Starz should permanently delete your account and that will be that. However, sometimes, The Starz support team could reject your request, which could be very frustrating. Not to worry though, because there is another way out.

Cancelling your Starz subscription on your iPhone

If they refuse to delete your Starz account, canceling your subscription should help. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Head to the Settings on your iOS device on the home screen.
  2. Touch your name at the top of the screen.
  3. Head to “iTunes & App Store” in the 2nd group of settings.
  4. Type in your ID to access a pop-up menu.
  5. Click “View Apple ID.”
  6. Choose “Subscriptions” to access the list of services you’ve subscribed to.
  7. Swipe until you see “Starz.”
  8. Select “Starz” and tap “Cancel Subscription” way down on the screen.
  9. Tap “Confirm.”

Cancel Subscription

And that is all about that.


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