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Download Heymods GB WhatsApp Latest Version 2022 (DIRECT LINK)

Download Heymods GB WhatsApp Latest Version

The most recent release of Heymods GB WhatsApp Apk is the most effective modified version. Download Heymods GB WhatsApp, Developed by the Team at Heymods.com, and Packed with the Best Features

Download Heymods GB WhatsAp
Download Heymods GB WhatsAp

More than three different versions of WhatsApp Apk were used in the development of Heymods GBWhatsApp Team, namely Heymods Yo WhatsApp apk, Heymods Gb WhatsApp, and Heymods WhatsApp plus. These WhatsApp Apk options were responsible for the development of this team. The Heymods team was really stunning.

The Heymods team publishes new updates every week, which are available for download and enjoyment. Now, thanks to these mods, you may get customized themes as well as a variety of hiding options, color changes automatically, and several more features. Friends don’t late obtain download now.

Features Of Heymods GB WhatsApp

Gb WhatsApp and Heymods are both the same application; Heymods is the company that invented WhatsApp, which is currently considered to be the best communication app. Heymods’ team was very beautiful, and they developed three different WhatsApp modifications. Already, I will supply all three of you with the Heymods Mode APK.

The Heymods GB WhatsApp features are as follows:

This Heymods team provides the best features, which are explained in full detail further below.

  • Any concerns? acquire a help center
  • Send any huge files or videos you have.
  • Personalized palettes and color schemes
  • Fonts that can be customized
  • You should invite your pals to any events and other activities.
  • Automatic reply
  • Download Personalized templates here.

The New Group Is Called Groups you will find that it enhances both your ability to communicate and your enjoyment of the activity. Heymods GB Whatsapp Latest Version Open Then Click a New Group Next Enter Your Group Name and Select Group Members After Ready For Your Group Heymods GB Whatsapp

Message to Be Broadcast as a New Broadcast It Is Up To Your Preference, Broadcast Suggests That You Can Send a Message to All of Your Friends with Just One Click, and There Are Many More Features.

Adjusting the Settings: You have complete control over the setting of your profile and account information, as well as the chat wallpaper and message notification settings. It is also possible to set the notification sound and theme color, as well as enable dark mode, data usage, and storage usage. Please provide the total size of the message you are sending along with the image size and video size, etc. Help Center is where you may get assistance with issues related to your account as well as any other problems.

How to Make a Normal Call or a Video Call Using the Heymods GB Version of WhatsApp

Grab your device, go to the screen lock menu, and then launch GBWhatsApp. Heymods

Then Display the Three Available Choices The first tab is for Chat, the second tab is for Status, and the third tab is for Call Options.

Guys Avoid Confusion: What Are the Three Available Choices? I Will First Explain, After Which I Will Take Screenshots

You go ahead and select the Call option. After that, choose the type of call you want to make, either a video call or a voice call, and then go to the next step, which is to enjoy your video call.



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