How To Enable Windows 10 Single Sign-On In Firefox 91

Starting from the 91st version, Mozilla Firefox will allow users to use Windows 10 single sign-on (SSO) to easily access Microsoft, work, and school websites. Interested friends can find SSO preferences in the settings menu of the Firefox 91 test version, and then tick √ in front of the check box.

It is reported that many organizations, enterprises, and even individuals need to frequently and repeatedly enter user names and passwords when accessing various applications.

The emergence of single sign-on (SSO) enables everyone to use a set of reliable login credentials to get through all applications, thus avoiding this trouble.

Earlier, Microsoft has introduced support for SSO in Edge Chromium, and Google Chrome also provides a parameter option.

If you are using the new Edge browser, you can open “Settings” and visit the “Profiles” section, then enable “Allow this profile to be used for single sign-on to work or school websites”.

How To Enable Windows 10 Single Sign-On In Firefox 91

Now, the 91 Beta version of Mozilla Firefox has finally followed up, and there is no need to make cumbersome adjustments through the about:config configuration page.

  • Interested friends can start the browser;
  • Click’Menu -> Settings’;
  • Go to’Privacy and Security -> Login Name and Password’;
  • Then select “Allow Windows Single Sign-On”.

It should be pointed out that currently Mozilla only provides SSO preferences in Windows 10. If your feedback is very positive, we are expected to see it on other system platforms in the future.

Finally, according to Mozilla’s release schedule, the official version of Firefox 91 will officially meet with you on September 10.