How to download Apple iOS 15.2 – New features to try in 2022

Last month was glorious for the team at Apple. On the 13th day of December 2021, iOS 15.2 was introduced to the world. There have been many changes apart from the App Privacy Report. There are amazing new features that users can contemplate trying out this year.

Read on to find out more about this new operating system and how the updates can make life easy for you as an iPhone user.

How long does it take for iOS to install?

Things should be smooth if you’re trying to update from the previous iOS 15.1.1 or the previous one to that. However, it is good to note that the upgrade to the latest iOS is a massive one, so it will definitely take some time before it can be completed.

If you want to update from the previous iOS 15.1.1, it should take about seven to 15 minutes to do so. A total iOS full update time could stretch to one hour. The time you get your update done entirely will vary.

Pre-Installation guide

You must be prepared before you begin the download and the installation of iOS 15.2. You need to back up your data before you begin to download the operating system. Some will prefer to back up their device using Apple iCloud service, or there are those who will prefer using iTunes to back up their files. Remember that you need to be patient if lots of data is stored up on your device. It will take a longer time for the backup to complete.

Remember that if you haven’t backed up your data on your device for a long time, or if you are not familiar with changes in iOS 15.2, the pre-installation process can take longer.

Apple Ios 15 2

Apple iOS 15 2

iOS 15.2 download & installation

Are you sure you’re now prepared to download the latest Apple iOS? Below are the things you need to note and the steps you need to take to begin the download.

  • The exact size of your iOS 15.2 download will depend on your iPhone model
  • You will see the smallest download size if your model is iOS 15
  • If you’re using a device older than the iOS 15, your download could be somewhat larger
  • If you’re on fast broadband internet, all the upgrades could finish in less than 10 minutes

To begin the download process, follow the instructions below:

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to General
  • Click on Software Update
  • Select Download and Install
  • Once the download is finished, restart your phone
  • The process of restarting your phone means you’re on the latest version of iOS

Don’t fret if the install period is longer than the download time. It usually is. Also, take note that your iPhone may reboot itself a couple of times during the installation process. This is normal. Once the installation process completes, the device should boot normally. Enjoy your new iOS!

As intended, we want to acquaint you with new features of iOS 15.2 that you need to know, including the App Privacy Report and others.

App Privacy Report

It is the biggest new feature for the operating system. Check it out here. The report helps users to control who has access to their data. The report shows what data and sensors each app can access and network activity. The iCloud Private Relay setting is now listed under Cellular and Wi-Fi settings as Limited Address Tracking.

Apple Music Voice Plan

This is a new subscription tier for Apple Music that users find surprising. It is wonderful because it cuts the normal subscription plan into two, which means users get to pay half of what they were paying. Now they can pay a $5 per month subscription.

The Apple Music can only be controlled through Siri and no longer through manual means of the Apple Music app. Users have access to the full Apple Music catalog without the Spatial audio and lyrics features. There’s also a new feature called Play it Again that enables you to look at what you’ve played without resorting to Google search in finding a song you just played.

Apple Upgrades

Apple Upgrade

Apple Music Playlist Search

The new upgrade to iOS 15.2 helps you to search within a playlist for any song inside it. Just go to the playlist, swipe down from the top to the bottom of the screen to show where the search bar is located.

Communication safety setting

This is a message set that has long been in anticipation. It lets parents enable warnings for their children when they receive or send photos that contain nudity. Children also get resources when they get these photos. Although there are huge advantages in bringing this feature to iOS, some experts don’t believe it is really worth it.

Macro Control for photos

People who use iPhone 13 Pro or Max can now use the ultrawide lenses on the devices to snap close-up photos and videos. To turn the feature on, do the following:

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Camera
  • Find the toggle marked Macro Control. Toggle it on to see a flower icon on your screen when snapping a picture.
  • Tap the flower icon when you’re close to an object so the device can enter Macro mode

Greater detail in Apple Maps

It is wonderful that now, Apple Maps will show greater details on maps such as bike lanes. You can now see turn lanes, medians, and pedestrian crosswalks in supported cities.

Find My

Now, Apple’s Find My feature allows users to use Find My App to scan “items that can track me.” This will identify nearby items that can send location data. It is designed to help people get more control of their privacy by preventing unwanted devices from tracking them.

Parts & Service History

This feature lets you see the repair history on your iPhone. It shows details of any repairs that took place from Apple or any other vendor, even if unknown. The feature won’t display if you have not taken the device for service.


These are the major features that come with the new iOS 15.2, and they give the user many changes that are really worth their while. To see the full list of updates in Apple iOS 15.2, visit Apple’s developer site.

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