How to remove Header and Navigation Bar section in Blogger sites to make your Webview Apps look more unique

 Hello techies, so I was going through our  E-mail and i  noticed that so many people where complaining about ‘navigation Bar’ issues in their webview app, so I decided to show everyone how to remove Navigation Bar in their websites, unfortunately, the tutorial is only made for Blogger/Blogspot users.

NOTE: This will have an impact in your Blogger Theme, so, it is recommended that you first backup your theme before going any further in removing anything.

Try to read this post till the end cause this is a very important thing to do to avoid your ‘Webview’ or ‘Blog’ app from looking inferior just like the screenshots below.


Because of the navigation Bar in the Webview, the app don’t look good and it can lose some users just because of that
Unique Sketchware webview app
This one look classy and more original because the header and nagivation bar has been removed, only because that it might get more users than the other one above
  STEP 1: Log in to your Blogger Panel/ dashboard and go to Layout and map out all the Header/ NavigationBar sections you’ll like to remove. In my case, I have ‘Header’ and ‘Main Menu’ so I’ll just put that in mind. If you tap on those header widgets, you’ll notice there is no ‘remove’ button cause the author of that Theme/Template has locked those widgets to avoid misuse.


 STEP 2: Now that you know the Header widgets you’ll like to remove, move to Theme > Edit HTML then search for those section like ‘Main Menu’, you’ll see something like =>  “<b:section class=’main-menu’…” and right below it you’ll see something like => “<b:widget…”, now in that “<b:widget..” area look well and you’ll see something like this => locked=’true’ <= change that ‘true’ to ‘false’ and apply that same method to all the sections in the “Header” area. To get a clearly understanding, slowly study the screenshot below.
 STEP 3: Now go back to Layout and click on those sections, you’ll notice a ‘remove’ button is now available and you can now easily remove the Header Section of your Blogger blog and make that Webview app look nice.
You can still apply these steps to remove the footer section of your Blog.
 And that’s all about the Removal of Navigation Bar in Blogger sites.
If you are stuck at any point while doing this, just comment below and I’m sure you will get help in few minutes.
Thanks for reading guys, I hope it helps and if it did, share your testimony in the comment section.
Don’t forget to share this with your friends, have a nice day :D.


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