How To Stream Super Bowl On PS5?: Simple Steps To Follow

For the lover of sports and games, this article would help especially to understand the depth of how useful the PS5 can be, not everyone has the deep knowledge of how the PS5 can be connected to a different device, nonetheless, the PS5 gadget can be used for various purpose, aside from gaming, you can also watch movies, streaming other media platform using the PS5.

Do you know the PS5 gadget stands as the main appliance in various electronic gadgets? Yes! The PlayStation 5 is helpful for various purposes, one can use the PS5 for gaming, watching movies, and also streaming the internet, the device has more storage for video and any downloads, and its offers 4k resolution for quality display and more.


How To Get Paramount Plus On PS5?

How To Install HBO Max On PS5 2022

The PlayStation 5 is so unique in the sense that it can’t be compared with its predecessor. The company took more time to upgrade the device to suit the need of users in a better way. The gamepad also serves as a remote to control and manage what is displayed and for proper navigation.
Many games can be played and watched on the PS5.

The Super Bowl is an annual championship game owned by the national football league (NFL) many games can be streamed using the PS5 as such, the super bowl is inclusive,

How To Stream Super Bowl On PS5?

Have you been wondering how you can stream the super bowl live on the PlayStation 5? You are at the right place, keep reading for more adequate knowledge on that. I’ll be showing some little tips on that.

Watching the super bowl on PS5 is as easy as following the steps, before you can have access to the super bowl, you should have access to the premium account, only members using premium can watch the super bowl without stress, super bowl is a football competition game played ones a year.

This game is seasonal, more so, this is amongst the biggest games by the football regulatory body, the finals are televised nationwide. Being eager to watch the game yet you don’t have a plug on how to go about it, fortunately, so many avenues on which can be easier to watch the match only with your premium subscription plan.

These interesting games can be streamed live on many platforms, like, YouTube TV, Hulu plus live TV, Peacock, Flixster, and more. Note the NFL app are ready for download on any PlayStation device, PS4, and PS5.

Strictly on a subscription or free trial for some minutes. A few steps are below:

Step 1: Get all necessary gadgets ready, such as the PS5 and your smart TV.
Step 2: Ensure you have a strong internet connection.
Step 3: Visit the media tab on the PlayStation and select the option listed.
Step 4: An icon would pop up then select the preferred app.
Step 5: Click the download button to proceed.
Step 6: Wait for some minutes (download completed) and launch the app then sign in to an account to enable accessing it.
Step 7: Finally, the super bowl is ready for live stream, enable to subscribe or use the free trial option.

With the PlayStation device, there’s no need for a cable subscription. Keenly follow the above steps for a proper guide

Other Ways To Steam

Assuming the PS5 for any reason lack signal or any issues occur, or maybe the super bowl app isn’t responding on the PS5, kindly opt-in for a different device to watch the game effectively, you may choose to use any of these services, Apply TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Virtual reality and on Android TV.


When was the Super Bowl 2022?

Early this year the super bowl game was played around February 13, 2022 (Sunday). The game was played at 6:30 p.m. ET at SoFi Stadium, Inglewood, California.

Can the Super Bowl game be streamed for free?

Many ways to stream the game for free, you either choose to use a local method antenna or the free time watch hour. Mostly the free stream is available for citizens in the U.S. other international viewers can make use of the app to watch, the NFL app enables free stream. Only for Android and IOS devices. Having subscribed to the app, viewers have the chance to watch for free. Or make use of the free trial.

Can 4k Device Stream Super Bowl LVI?

Oh! This is a big NO to that, earlier before the game was played public notice was announced, before the game, it won’t be available on any 4k enabling system. People who enjoy the match on their phone or TV screen might feel a little dissatisfied with the quality, but it is what it is. Regardless, the management has said that they will provide a telecast that looks like a 4K version instead of completely making it a 4K HD.

What Is Super Bowl LVI?

The Super Bowl LVI is the 56th game of the Super Bowl. CBS is the broadcaster of the Super Bowl LVI. You can stream the super bowl on the CBS Sports official website and CBS Sports streaming app. The place where the Super Bowl LVI will be held is the SoFi Stadium, Inglewood, California on 13 February 2022. (The game was played before this article) readers need to know these.

Is the Super Bowl Lvi On PS5?

Various channels in which streamers can watch the match on the PS5. The possibilities to get the game on the PS5 is slim, do I say slime? Oh yes, you would go through some tough times, this article will make it simple and faster for you. Kindly follow the steps. After downloading the app from the PlayStation app store, and access free entry would be granted.

Where Else Can I Stream The Super Bowl?

The event of the game can be streamed on many platforms apart from the PS5. Hulu plus live TV is another means where varieties of games can be watched. Hulu gives access to live and on-demand content including football games. Two separate plans are available to access Live TV on Hulu which are ad-supported and ad-free. The costs of those two plans are $65/month and $72/month.

By paying for any of the above-mentioned plans, you can access the CBS All Access network to watch the Super Bowl LVI on Hulu+ Live TV on PlayStation 5. Hulu is available on PS5 Store. All you need to do is visit and download.

Have a look at the Amazon P video

Amazon gives its viewers the chance to watch all her program including the live and on-demand content. CBS has access to the Amazon prime TV. You should be the prime member to access the add-ons on Amazon Prime Video. The price of Amazon Prime Video and Prime membership is $14.99/month. And the costs of the CBS All Access Add-on on Amazon Prime Video are $7.99/month and $12.99/month which are the limited commercials and no commercials plans. Amazon Prime is available on PS5 Store.

Other means which one can watch the game on PS5, though researchers have found that it is not currently available on the PlayStation 5 for now.

Below are but a few

  1. CBS All Access – $7.99/month and $12.99/month
  2. CBS Sports – Free to watch the Super Bowl LVI
  3. NFL – Free to watch the Super Bowl LVI
  4. YouTube TV – $67.99/month
  5. AT&T TV Now – Starting plan price is $60/month. It has CBS Network.

As said before, you can access the above-mentioned streaming services on PlayStation 5 via the web browser. And we’ve given the procedure earlier on.

How To Watch The Super Bowl On PS5: Steps To Follow

Step 1: Having a streaming device is essential coupled with good internet service.
Step 2: Turn on the internet via the PlayStation.
Step 3: Click the media tab on the PS5.
Step 4: Select the all-app icon and choose any of the options.
Step 5: Search for super bowl or any media you want to use for streaming.
Step 6: Choose your preferred selected options.
Step 7: Then click to download
Step 8: Launching of the app would be required after a successful download
Step 9: Then sign in your details
Step 10: After a successful signing in, watching or streaming the super bowl lvi on PS5 is made easy.

Playstation Web Browser

Here the PlayStation browser can be very helpful to watch any kind of streaming of anything concerning the internet, the gadget is super cool for usage.

Step 1: Before you do anything turn on the internet on the PS5.
Step 2: Click the PlayStation controller button.
Step 3: Select the game home option and specify.
step 4: lick the game base option.
Step 5: Select whom you wish to send a message to (a friend)
Step 6: Now enter the following URL in the text area:
Step 7: Push with the send option.
Step 8: Check the link sent to a friend showing you are now on google.
Step 9: Make sure to sign in using the actual credentials.

Trying these methods would enable you to stream using any of the options above. Kindly follow all steps to enjoy everything the PlayStation can offer.


The PlayStation is an essential device for doing lots of things, many people don’t know the worth of the PlayStation, the internet service it provides is one of the fastest and most trusted ones, also the support for internal and external storage is premium. All lovers of games choose to use PS5 for better performance and swift usage.

The Super Bowl is the game which is the most popular championship game. And watching the Super Bowl on your device is simple and easy. The information given above is essential. Procedure to watch the Super Bowl on PS5. Follow kindly.

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