How to Unlock A Disabled iPhone Without iTunes, iCloud Or Computer

Apple iPhone is built for security a bad to protect as much privacy of the user as possible. These features coupled with the other tech functionalities of the iPhone since its first model launch has helped to propel the success of the iPhone brand in the global phone industry. In as much as these features are highly desirable there are times when you will get locked out of your iPhone and you would wish these security features were not there.

This is because of how difficult it would be usually trying to unlock your iPhone if you are not with your iTunes login or your computer where you have your password backed up. If you have been in this situation before or still are right now then you do not need to worry anymore, just read to learn how to unlock your disabled iPhone.

How to Unlock A Disabled iPhone Without iTunes, iCloud Or Computer
How to Unlock A Disabled iPhone Without iTunes, iCloud, Or Computer

What does Disabled iPhone Mean?

An iPhone that is disabled will not allow you to make calls, text, or use data.  When you see the iPhone disabled message on your phone, it can be a bit of a shock. But don’t panic this doesn’t mean that your iPhone has been disabled permanently; it’s just that someone is trying to access it and needs to verify who they are. There are several reasons, but most commonly it’s because of a security feature of the device called Activation Lock.

Activation Lock is Apple’s way of making sure that stolen iPhones can’t be used. If someone steals your phone, they can’t turn it on without first entering your Apple ID password. With Activation Lock enabled, even if they manage to get past this step, they still won’t be able to use the phone because it will still be registered as being in your name with Find My iPhone turned on.

How to Unlock a Disabled iPhone Without Using iTunes or iCloud or Computer

Usually, when your iPhone is disabled you can unlock it using either of your iCloud account, iTunes, or computer. But when for instance you do not have access to these but need your disabled iPhone unlocked then you have to unlock your iPhone using another method. Read on to learn how to unlock your iPhone using another method aside from the traditional most common ways. There are several ways to unlock your iPhone without using iTunes or iCloud or a Computer, some of these ways include:

  • Unlock a Disabled iPhone Using PassFab iPhone Unlocker

  • Unlock a Disabled iPhone Using StarzSoft KeyPass

  • Unlock a Disabled iPhone using EaseUS MobiUnlock

  • Unlock a Disabled iPhone using Tenorshare 4uKey

  • Unlock a Disabled iPhone using the Find My iPhone app on another iPhone

Unlock a Disabled iPhone Using PassFab iPhone Unlocker

If you are looking for a quick and safe way to unlock your iPhone or iPad, PassFab iPhone Unlocker is your best choice. It is a professional iOS unlock tool that can help you unlock your iPhone without iTunes, iCloud password computer, or Face ID. In addition, it can also remove Apple ID from your iPhone/iPad without a password.

PassFab iPhone Unlocker is a powerful tool that uses the latest technology to provide users with an easy way of unlocking all versions of iPhones and iPads. The software works on all devices including iOS 12–12.1 (21A502) running on A4-A6 processor devices like the iPod Touch 1st Gen, iPhone 3GS, and fourth-generation iPod touch; all iPads on the A5x chip including iPad mini 1st gen through to fourth-generation models; and even older models that still run iOS 4 such as the original iPad mini 4th generation model released back in March 2015.

The iPhone Unlocker tool is very easy to use, so you don’t need to be a tech expert or have any technical knowledge for that matter to be able to conveniently use it. To unlock your iPhone using PassFabre iPhone unlocker you all this The steps are simple:

  • Download the software from

  • Connect your device using its USB cable, then select “Unlock” in the software interface

  • Click the “Unlock” button on PassFab iPhone Unlocker, and wait until the passcode is removed

PassFab iPhone Unlocker provides one of the safest methods to unlock a disabled iPhone. It works with all types of locked iPhones, including those that are locked by iCloud, forgotten screen passcode, and even if you forgot your Apple ID password.

The unlocking process can be done in just a few clicks and requires no technical knowledge at all. This means you can use PassFab to remove the restrictions on your iPhone without any hassle. With PassFab you can unlock your iPhone with:

  • No data loss during the unlocking process (your existing data won’t be modified at all)

  • No need to enter the iCloud password to unlock your device(s)


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Unlock a Disabled iPhone Using StarzSoft KeyPass

You can unlock your iPhone without iCloud or iTunes by using StarzSoft KeyPass. It is a powerful and easy-to-use application that helps you to bypass the passcode of Apple devices, including both locked and disabled iPhones. This tool provides a safe way to get access to your device even if you forgot the code or it has been wiped out from memory due to some other reason. StarzSoft KeyPass allows you to bypass the factory settings of iOS devices like iPad and iPhones. Once installed on your device, this program functions similar to iTunes but in a way that allows users to access any file stored inside their phone or tablet’s memory card.

It can help restore lost data from malfunctioning devices. This includes photos, contacts, and other important files. It also comes with features such as backup and restores which allow users to save their content before performing upgrades or repairs on their devices so they won’t lose anything valuable during these processes.

The beauty of this software is its ease of use all that is required is for you to download StarzSoft KeyPass from the website (, install it on another device, and follow the step step-by-step instructions for using the app perfectly to unlock your disabled iPhone.

Unlock a Disabled iPhone using EaseUS MobiUnlock

You can use EaseUS MobiUnlock to unlock your disabled iPhone without having to go through too many hassles. You have to know that not every iPhone is created equal. There are only a few ways to unlock your device sometime without using iCloud, iTunes, or a computer, which means that if you don’t know what kind of phone you have, it can be difficult to unlock it on your own. Here’s a quick guide on how to unlock your disabled iPhone without using iTunes or iCloud using EaseUS MobiUnlock:

  • Launch EaseUS MobiUnlock on your device and connect the device to the iPhone

  • Wait for the software to detect and display information about the device before proceeding

  • Then click “Start” and wait for EaseUS MobiUnlock to complete its job of unlocking your iPhone

When using this tool for unlocking your disabled iPhone you need to download the correct iPhone firmware.

Unlock a Disabled iPhone using Tenorshare 4uKey

Tenorshare 4uKey is a great tool for recovering a locked iPhone. It has a user-friendly interface and is very easy to use. Using this software, you can easily recover all your lost data from your iPhone in minutes. Also, you can unlock a disabled iPhone by using 4uKey in just a few minutes. Tenorshare 4uKey is also a powerful tool to unlock disabled iPhones without iTunes, iCloud, or computer in some instances. The software is free to download and you can follow the instructions on the app when you launch it to unlock your iPhone.

  • Open Tenorshare 4uKey and connect your device to it via USB

  • A pop-up window will appear asking if you want to start the program

  • After that, select “Bypass Screen Lock” from the list of options shown at top of the interface and click the “Start” button to continue with the process of unlocking the disabled iPhone without iCloud or iTunes.

  • This process should take about 2 minutes for the unlock to be completed depending on the type of device being used.

  • Go back and check if you see a message like ‘Your device has been successfully unlocked’

With Tenorshare 4uKey you can unlock all versions of iPhones running on iOS 11 and earlier.

Unlock a Disabled iPhone using the Find My iPhone app on another iPhone

You can use the Find My iPhone app to help you unlock your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, Apple Watch, or AirPods. You can also remotely erase data on your device and lock it with a passcode if it’s lost or stolen using the find my iPhone software. You can use the Find My iPhone app to unlock your iPhone without using iCloud or iTunes or a Computer using these steps:

Step-1: Find another iPhone device that is accessible and go to the App Store. Then search and download the find my device iPhone app.

Step-2: Install the downloaded app, launch the app and log in to your Apple account

Step-3: After login in you will see all the Apple devices that are connected to your account. Then find your disabled device and click on the

Step-4: Click on actions at the bottom of the device your Apple account is logged on to. You have three options of action to proceed with. You can then choose to erase your disabled iPhone, by clicking on erase, this action will clear your disabled iPhone.


How do I unlock a disabled iPhone manually?

Unlocking your iPhone manually is very possible using the hard reset method. Different models of iPhones have different ways of manual unlocking. To unlock an iPhone 12 manually for instance Press and hold the volume up for five seconds, then release then press and hold the volume down, then press and release the volume down, then press and hold the side button.

How do I factory reset my iPhone with buttons?

You can factory reset your iPhone using the hard reset button to do this you will need to use the power button and the home button. to do this follow these steps

  • Hold the power button and the home button of the iPhone at the same time
  • Hold down the buttons until the screen goes black, for some devices you may need to continue holding down the buttons until even after the power off slider appears
  • keep holding until the Apple logo appears on your screen
  • when the Apple logo appears you can then release the buttons and allow your iPhone to reboot.


iPhones are very popular devices, with lots of people using different models of the device. Yet sometimes for some reason, certain iPhones are disabled and cannot be unlocked even though you know the password. We have provided you with ways of unlocking your iPhone without using iTunes, iCloud, or a computer in some instances. If you are in a situation where your iPhone is disabled then your problem will be over by applying any of the ways we have discussed in this article.

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