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How To Record Whatsapp calls On IPhone 2022

From its first launch in February 2009, WhatsApp has paved its way as the best and most popular instant messaging apps of all time. So much so that WhatsApp is the most downloaded app in the world. Anyways, everything I have said should not surprise you as the success of WhatsApp is not something that happened with a fluke. We can also judge the success of the app by the fact it comes pre-downloaded on most smartphones. The credit of its success all goes to its remarkable features, ease of use, and being the first app of its kind.

The recently launched WhatsApp payment feature, story feature, instant chatting capabilities, and not to mention the WhatsApp voice and video call features are a few of them that one can never overlook. But the app is far behind from being perfect. Useful features like WhatsApp audio and video call recording would have made the lives of people a little easier. But if it’s not a built-in feature of WhatsApp, we can always use third-party apps and other methods to do so. So let’s see how to record WhatsApp voice and video calls with simple tricks.

How To Record Whatsapp Calls

Using the built-in screen recorder

The easiest way to record the video calls done on WhatsApp is using the built-in screen recorder tool of your iPhone. By using the iPhone’s own video recorder, you don’t need to take the pain of installing any third-party apps. The quality of the recorded video will not be compromised for sure as you can record the call for as long as you want.

  • To start with the WhatsApp video call recording with the screen recorder, you need to go to the Control Center of your iPhone. On the iPhone X and all the later models, the Control Center is accessible by swiping down from the top-right side of the phone. As for the previous models, you need to swipe up from the bottom of the screen. Once you have the Control Center open, you will see the Screen Recorder option available. This option will be available with a white dot inside a circle. If in a rare chance you don’t see the screen recorder option there then you need to add it manually.
How To Record Whatsapp calls On IPhone
  • To add the screen recorder to the Control Center, go to the Settings option on your iPhone.
  • Now search for the Control Center option and select it. Tap on the customize option in the next step.
  • Here you will see a plus icon appearing adjacent to the Screen Recording option, tap on it. With this, you have added the screen recorder to your iPhone Control Center and you can access it from there any time you want.
How To Record Whatsapp calls On IPhone
  • Now whenever you receive or make a WhatsApp call, you simply need to go to the Control Center and tap on the screen recorder icon to record your WhatsApp video call. Initially, the microphone of your iPhone will not be accessed by the screen recorder, but you can enable it by long-tapping the screen recorder button and then selecting the microphone option.
How To Record Whatsapp calls On IPhone
  • With this you have successfully recorded all the WhatsApp video calls that you receive or make. Once the call is done, a single tap on the Stop Recording option will stop the recording and save it to your phone gallery from where you can access it anytime you feel like.

Using the AZ Recorder app

How To Record Whatsapp calls On IPhone

If due to any reason you don’t want to use the built-in screen recorder app of iPhone for WhatsApp video recording, then the next best option in your hand is AZ recorder. This is one of the most popular screen recording app for both Android and iPhone. With the AZ recorder app, you are guaranteed to get high-quality recordings and it doesn’t matter how long the calls are, this app will record them without any trouble.

Using the AZ Recorder app is easy, just install it from the App Store are give certain permissions to the app like allowing it to send notifications like alerts and sounds, and allowing it to record activity across other websites and apps. Once the app is completely set up, you need to select the Tap to start recording screen option. Finally, you need to check the microphone (if on or not) in the next step and tap on Start Broadcast to start the WhatsApp video recording.

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