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Using ZipSigner is very very easy, especially after reading this article. I made this guide for users who don’t know how to properly manage their keys in ZipSigner or for those who opted in to use ZipSigner after reading the unbiased review I gave about Apk-signer vs ZipSigner.  Another good reason I wrote this article was to show you how to secure your key by backing it up to Google Drive and how to restoring it when needed.

  If you haven’t heard of ZipSigner before, it is one of our recommended apps for Android development with Sketchware, it is used for signing apk and zip files. It’s importance to us(Developers) is creating keystores and keys for signing your applications before publishing in any app store. If you don’t have it in your device, you can quickly download it here.


How to create a Keystore in ZipSigner

Creating keys in ZipSigner is a very easy process. You don’t need to set any extras because the default key settings are already optimized for Google Play Store or any other Android app Store. Even if you opt in for some extra settings (which is not recommended for beginners), you need to be sure of what you are doing.
   To create a Keystore and key in ZipSigner, all you have to do is:
  • Open the ZipSigner app and click on the three linear dots in your upper left, then you click on “My Keys”.
  • Now in the “My Keys” area, click on the similar three linear dots and then, click on “New Keystore”.
  • You will see some quick guidelines, read it and then click on Continue. Now enter and verify the password of the new keystore you are creating.
  • Now you will have to enter a name, type, size and password for the key. For the type and size, I highly recommend that you don’t change it, just leave it at the default state.
  •  Now you will be require to choose the Validity fo your key and fill in the details for your certificate. For your key validity, set it to 99 years. The certificate is just a basic form, fill it and click on the Finish button.
You will get a message that your key has been created successfully. For more confirmation, you can manually check for you key in the “My Key” area.

How to Export and Backup your Keys

This is one of the easiest thing to do. With ZipSigner, you can easily move your keystore to your PC or back it up in Google Drive.
    Just open your file manager and go to the path where you stored the keystore and you will see it there.
From there, you can export it or backup like any other file.

NOTE: When backing it up in Google Drive or any other cloud storage, make sure it maintains the “.jks” format.

How to restore keys in ZipSigner

  • Open ZipSigner, go to “My Keys” area and click on the three linear dots, then you click on “Register keystore”.
  • You are now required to choose your keystore file.
  • Enter the password of the keystore and it will be imported.

To be sure it was successfully imported, long pressed on the imported key and a small menu will appear, then you click on properties and enter the password of the key.


If it was successfully imported, you will see the details of your key, just as shown in the screenshot below.

This is method can be used to import any jks keystore, even if it is created in Android studio




That’s all about creating, exporting and importing keystores in ZipSigner.
If there is anything you still don’t understand, just drop it in the comment section below. I’ll be happy to help.
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